Dalit mitra Late. Kadam Guruji put his degrees-BA.LLB.BT aside and devoted his life to the education in order to impart education. His motto is ‘Dnyan, Vidnyan ani Susanskar yasathi shikshan Prasar’. Keeping this motto in mind he ordered Shri Kazi S. S. to open a school in Velapur. At his word of command Shri. Kazi S. S. Sir went to Velapur in May 1960, on the day of Akshaytrutiya. He travelled to Velapur for the first time enquiring the thenSarpanch Babaso Nathajirao Mane Deshmukh alias Saba’s house.He gave him the letter given by Kadam Guruji. Babasaheb read it and said “Hey sath Sahebach Gaon ahe” added. The Rayat Sanstha & Sangola sanstha wanted to open the high school but they did not succeed. If you want, I’ll help you.” Hearing his words shri Kazi sir felt better. Babasaheb’s son Vasantrao (Bapu) was Police Patil. He at that time also helped very much. He gave a lot of information of the village. On 15th June 1960 he inaugurated the school at Khandoba  gathered Temple. Kazi sir  some students from neighbouring hives. He was helped by many people. Among them was Mahadeo Gena Mane.


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